Hjelpekilden: Manipulation

Strict and closed religious circles often use manipulation to influence and control their members. The organisation Hjelpekilden wanted to shed light on this use of mental control. We made an informative film aiming to create awareness around the different types of manipulation that members of closed denominations can be exposed to.

Hjelpekilden is Norway's only organisation that provides assistance to people who are in a process of breaking with closed or strict religious environments. The organisation was established in 2012, and their vision is that no one should have to experience religious communities preventing you from being a free and independent thinking person. 

In closed or strict religious settings, manipulation is a tactic often used to maintain control over members. The mental control should ensure that members think and act in a "correct" way, and that they do not try to leave the faith community. Hjelpekilden came to us with a desire to create awareness around this use of manipulation.

We made an informative film about mental control, which shows different ways in which a religious community can manipulate its members. The campaign has been shown on several digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Hjelpkilden's websites.

When we worked with the concept, we were very eager to visualise the examples in a simple but creative way. A talking head information film can quickly become very boring if the content is not presented in a visual way. Therefore, we chose to shoot all scenes in the same location and use the room itself, props and graphic elements to tell the story. We wanted the film to be engaging and not just informative. The strategy was therefore to convey the message in a simple, yet creative and symbolic way.

Mariell Føynum

Director, AVIA Produksjon AS

The goal of the film is to let people who can recognise themselves in these situations know that Hjelpekilden is a safe place to seek out if you need help or support.

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