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AVIA is inspired by the word “aviation”, which reminds us of the ambitious, creative and somewhat childlike early attempts on flying. We’re a strategic partner in film production for several leading brands across the Nordic countries and we cover over ten different fields, from directing, cinematography and animation to marketing and strategy.


Can we make the world just a little bit better?

We’re young and naive but we have the expertise and experience to produce films that can reach millions of people, and with that promote positive change. Our vision and social mission is to make a positive impact on the world through film, and we do this through several measures.

Every year we produce campaigns for Right to Play pro-bono, to support their important work with protecting and educating and children living in extreme poverty. This year, the focus is on helping over 11 million girls in poor countries who are at risk of never returning to school due to the ongoing pandemic.

For every film we produce, one hundred new trees are planted. Eden Reforestation Project is a global network that helps reduce extreme poverty, as well as protect and restore forests on a large scale.



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