How much does a film production cost?

Find your budget

An advertisement or animation video can cost anywhere from 50,000 kr up to several million. The idea and script of the film largely affect the price. We have developed a budget calculator that provides accurate price estimates and insights into what drives costs up or down. Try it here:




What affects the price?

Videos from real life events, driven by interviews or voiceovers with real-life content typically cost 4000 – 15.000 $. Videos with actors and fictional content cost from 15.000$ and up. The most ambitious projects that go viral and engage a large audience often cost 20.000 – 1 million dollars.

The crew

Film production is interdisciplinary work, where creative talents in directing, photography, sound, lighting, design and animation work together.

Idea, script and creative planning

The success of a film is decided in the preparatory work. Successful films are characterised by good strategic and creative preparation.

Shooting days

Filming is like planning an event, where a lot of people are involved. Most commercials can be shot in one day.

Actors, travel, location

External factors that depend on the idea of the film. Our directors will be aware of the client's budget when writing ideas.

ung kvinne og mann med mørke klær holder filmkamera og ser på Mac

Maximize your budget

We've compiled our best tips for those ordering, so you can get the most out of your budget.

  • Give an open assignment and ask for different solution proposals from the video production company. Sometimes, the best solution can be more affordable than producing exactly what you had in mind.

  • Short videos are often more effective. Avoid listing everything you want to say in the video, and focus more on the feeling you want viewers to be left with. Video engages most when it plays on emotions.

  • Have few decision-makers and involve everyone from the start. This way, everyone can work towards a common goal, and you avoid the risk of having to correct things that are already finished.

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