En e-post med oppdatert liste over AI verktøy er sendt til deg, og du er med i trekningen av støtte til filmproduksjon.

I vårt nyetablerte AI Studio tester vi grensene for hva som er mulig å lage av film og kreativt arbeid med AI. Følg link under for å lese mer.

Our services

Film commercials

Production of video commercials for all channels – social media, TV, cinema, and more. We can assist you with the concept, film production, and distribution of the final film.

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Everything in animation. We have illustrators and animators who create original content for all kinds of purposes. First, we develop a style and visual language, and then we breathe life into the images through animation.

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Awareness campaigns

Movies that evoke emotions and prompt viewers to reflect on their relationship with a theme or their connection to an organization. We have extensive experience in creating impactful advocacy campaigns.

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VR & 360-video

We assist you in creating virtual experiences for your customers – for use in VR headsets or online.

Virtual tours, product demonstrations, trade show experiences, and more.

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Datagenerert & AI

We specialize in crafting personalized videos, offering a unique experience to each recipient, and utilizing AI-generated videos to address tasks where conventional methods may fall short. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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Influenser & brukergenerert video (UGC)

We maintain a network of influencers and other brand ambassadors for your clients, ready to help you effectively engage with your target audience.

Informational and educational videos

A comprehensive range of services covering courses, training, and informational videos. We specialize in helping you deliver educational content in an engaging and pedagogically effective manner. Our interdisciplinary approach combines video, animation, and expert direction to ensure optimal communication.

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We specialize in live streaming events and meetings, offering secure broadcasts from both in-studio and external locations.

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We offer a full range of aerial film and photography services utilizing drones, partnering with the most accomplished drone pilots in the nation. We manage all permitting requirements and work in collaboration with aviation authorities as needed.

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