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DFØ ønsket en animasjonsfilm som informerer og forklarer initiativet "StartOff" fra regjeringen, som skal hjelpe til med å formidle kontakt mellom offentlige oppdragsgivere og oppstartsbedrifter.

The Directorate for Public Administration and Financial Management (DFØ) is responsible for the launch of StartOff. In order for the message to reach the target group, they needed something that could describe the service quickly and in an engaging way.


In order to convey the concept in the best possible way, the choice fell on an animated informative film. Animated films provide a wide margin for graphic presentation and gives life to complex messages so that they are easier to understand.

One of many organisations that have used StartOff is Sunnaas Hospital. They experience that it's challenging for employees and personnel to find their way around the hospital. Through an information film with animated graphic elements, they invite start-up companies to come up with ideas for an effective and good solution so that they can easily find their way between the 12 buildings of the hospital.

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